O Nama

SensCare was established by two passionate professionals, Ivana and Marija, who have been inspired to help families find the best childcare providers, as well as professionals in their search for the best job.

Their enthusiasm drove them to develop the SensCare platform that would connect families with professionals in an easy, yet safe way.

We understand that life can get busy and finding a reliable, trustworthy provider for your child is paramount. Therefore, being able to connect with a wide range of quality providers via platform and learn more about them from the comfort of your home is an advantage as you could spend more time with your loved ones and share some wonderful moments together.

Moreover, as therapists ourselves, we do understand how important it is to meet a trustworthy employer; thus, we developed the SensCare platform which fulfills providers’ needs, as well. Finding a job should be a stress-free, effortless, and enjoyable process and we worked tremendously hard to make this happen.

To provide the best services, we have proudly expanded our Platform and made it available to the international members and companies. That way, our members will have more opportunities to connect, as well as access different services and products.

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